Our quality policy

Our quality policy

  • In order to keep the quality levels of the units and suppliers within the organization and to maintain their continuity, we create and develop together in the framework of teamwork.
  • We follow developments in science and technology to improve quality and increase efficiency. We organize the necessary training activities to make the personnel competent in this regard.
  • We ensure the continuity and development of quality and information by following the Integrated Management System Requirements.

By adopting change, we produce economic solutions through research and applications (R&D) for rational and permanent solutions.
It does not engage in activities that endanger human health; We are constantly increasing the measures regarding the health and safety of employees.
In the planning and implementation stages, we create a continuous and effective environmental awareness intertwined with nature.

  • We comply with the relevant legal and regulatory requirements in all works performed. We also promise to comply with the specifications reported by the customer within the legal terms.
  • We ensure that the information security obligations regarding the terms of contract with our employees, suppliers and customers are complied with and monitored by the parties.
  • As BMK Birlik Makina, we believe that the most valuable resource of an institution is "Information and Customer Satisfaction".

In personal and electronic communication and information exchanges with third parties, we ensure the security of the information of our company, we back up the information it processes according to the critical levels, we take security measures determined according to the risk levels. For this reason, it is of great importance that the information assets are accessed in a timely, complete, accurate and uninterrupted manner. This situation is directly related to the service quality and professional image of our organization.

  • The management policy we are implementing is regularly reviewed and improved. BMK Birlik Makine; is aware that the continuity of product quality is only possible by determining and meeting the changing and developing customer expectations completely and accurately. BMK Birlik Makine; With its innovative, reliable and management approach that is compatible with today's integrated system concepts, it achieves greater success in the scope of product quality and continuity and carries it to the future.